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Take a look at our year in review – from financial statements to the Chairman’s message, here’s everything HNB Finance has been up to during each financial year.

Annual Report 2021/2022 Reaching for New Heights
Annual Report 2021/2022

This has been a year of significant achievement for HNB Finance. The Company successfully reversed the negatives of the previous year into
a position of profit, where achievement of key strategic goals was fortified with new product and service offerings. The Company has also
acquired Prime Finance PLC, thus growing in financial strength and presence through inflows to our asset base and a widening of our reach.
HNB Finance is well positioned to reach new heights in the years ahead.

Notice of Meeting & Proxy

Circular to Shareholders

Annual Report 2020/2021 The Bigger Picture
Annual Report 2020/2021

In a year of unprecedented challenge, there may sometimes be a tendency to become myopic,to focus on the here and now and
forget the bigger picture. At HNB Finance, we felt it imperative to keep our eyes on the future.
Backed by sound fundamentals and composite strengths, we pursued our long-term strategic objectives of value creation,
sustainability, and financial inclusivity with passion and vigour. It is this approach of always looking forward that
makes us unique, and provides our stakeholders with confidence.

Annual Report 2019/2020 Partnerships Built on Purpose
Annual Report 2019/2020

The Company ethos has always been about true sustainability – working for the ‘greater good of the wider stakeholder community’. With interest of all the stakeholders at heart, HNB FINANCE believes that true value creation must include the financial empowerment of all the segments of the society, less economically privileged in particular, if it is to play a meaningful role in enhancing the overall financial and social well being of the Nation. We value highly the partnerships we build upon such a purpose, where Company and customer seek a wider financial emancipation for those oft overlooked segments of society, which in the long term contributes positively to the Nation.

Annual Report 2018/19 Powering Ahead to take the financial industry by storm
Annual Report 2018/19

We are Powering Ahead to take the financial industry by storm as we transformed ourselves to HNB FINANCE, revolutionizing every aspect of the business.

Check out our latest Annual Report 2018/19

Annual Report 2017/18 Soaring to Greater Heights
Annual Report 2017/18

Having chartered a new course for small scale entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka, we have grown together since our humble beginning 15 years ago. Through our mission of developing sustainable enterprises that cross all class, creed and racial barriers; today we are edging closer to realizing our Vision of becoming the #1 Micro-Finance Provider. Our stability and consistency have enabled us to grow our customer base, introduce new products and our workforce all the while being impressively profitable. As we embark on a new chapter, we have consolidated our strength further by forming a lasting partnership with Hatton National Bank PLC to take us to new heights.