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    Your Financial Stepping Stone

    Swashakthi, our SSE Business loan is designed to sustain the financial requirements of the savings account holders. The loan serves savings account holders and Diriya customers who might need further funds to support the expansion of their business. In addition, this small business loan caters to both male and female entrepreneurs.

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      Rates may vary depending on creditworthiness and type of collaterals. *Conditions Apply.

      Key features

      • Flexible repayment method       
      • Speedy service at your doorstep
      • Personalized service through trained staff
      • No Guarantors (up to LKR 400,000)
      • Convenient and simple documentation
      • Competitive rates
      • Insurance cover against death and permanent disability (conditions apply).



      Customers between the age of 18 to 69 are eligible to apply for the Swashakthi loan. Loans are granted to running businesses only and applicable only for those who’ve had a Savings Account for a minimum of 2 months, with a minimum of 20 transactions.


      • Duly completed signed application.
      • A copy of valid National Identity Card (NIC) and on the absence of the NIC, driving license/ passport should be provided (which carries the NIC number)
      • Electricity bill, water bill, fixed line phone bill.
      • HNBG Saving account statement.
      • Current account statement and savings account statement (other banks).
      • Copy of business registration (if applicable).
      • Estimate & quotations for purchasing.
      • Purchasing bills and sales bills to confirm cash flow.

      Rates and Fees

      Rates will be provided on customer request.

      Terms and Conditions

      Our terms and conditions are subject to change. Therefore, we advise you to contact your nearest HNB Finance branch for the latest information and prevailing terms and conditions.

      • HNBF savings account holding client of the company
      • Nearly two months saving transaction (at least 20 transactions)
      • 30% of savings for the loan amount
      • Minimum loan amount Rs 10,000 and maximum loan amount will be Rs.1,500,000
      • Two guarantors for over LKR 400,000 loans
      • Repayments up to 104 weeks.


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      Guarantor Form


      Key Facts Document


      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)