Success Stories

At HNB Finance, we measure our success based on the positive social impact we make. We seek to improve livelihoods in communities, by uplifting their spirits and providing financial support to develop their skills and assets to sustain rural entrepreneurship.

Pillar of Success K.T. Lakshika Madhavi

Lakshika, together with her husband, embarked upon a new business with sheer determination and filling her heart with an overwhelming feeling of self-confidence.

“Diriya” Loan Scheme set the foundation for my business J.A.N. Dedunu Kumari

Dedunu Kumari started her business under the Diriya loan scheme as there were only a few businesses that supplied event equipment in the Ja-Ela area. She now owns all types of equi...

It was my fortune that I got to know about “Niwahana” Loan Scheme of HNB Finance Tony James

Couple Aruni James and Tony James sought financial assistance from HNB Finance for constructing some new buildings for their restaurant. Thanks to the "Nivahana" scheme they were a...

HNB finance was one of the key aspects of my success story Mohomed Naleem

Mohomed's business of selling ceramic accessories was able to reach new heights thanks to the Easy Loans scheme by HNB Finance. Mohomed found the payback facilities, in particular,...