Pillar of Success

The arbitrary decision we took that day paved the way to our success.

Lakshika, who thought that her aim in life could not be achieved by working as an employee of a firm, resigned from the garment factory she had been working for after she had been married for one year. In a situation where one tends to think again and again before taking a risk, Lakshika, together with her husband, embarked upon a new business with sheer determination and filling her heart with an overwhelming feeling of self-confidence.

“I was working in the capacity of an assistant manager of a leading shirt manufacturing company when I got the idea that I should resign from that company and I should start my own business. I, together with my husband, started the business venture named “Roncell Garment” on 21st July 2016. When I was thinking of resigning from the company for which I had been working for 14 years, many asked me to think again before making that decision. However, since we were confident in ourselves and in our capabilities, we could continue with determination with the decision we had taken. Thus, the business that we started that day with two employees now has more than twelve employees. When we needed some loan while running the business, we always selected HNB FINANCE. Abhilasha Loan Scheme of HNB FINANCE perfectly suits us. First, I obtained a loan of Rs. 600,000 from HNB FINANCE under Abhilasha Loan Scheme. Obtaining the loan, as well as paying it back, was very convenient to us because we could obtain the loan within a very short period of time, and they recovered the loan in installments by visiting us at times that are convenient to us.

K.T. Lakshika Madhavi,