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Our Fixed Deposits offer you the perfect balance between high-interest rates, stability, and trustworthiness. Interest rates will be provided based on the tenure of the Fixed Deposit, starting from 1 month to up to 60 months. Your interest will be credited to you at maturity or on a monthly as per your preference.

You also have the ability to obtain loan facilities up to 75% (if your interest is paid monthly), and 80% (if your interest is only paid at maturity), from your Fixed Deposit value. The minimum balance required to maintain a Fixed Deposit with us would be Rs.25,000.00, and no opening or maintenance fee is required. You are also eligible for a Deposit Insurance Coverage of up to Rs.1,100,000 based on the amount deposited.

We are a subsidiary of HNB Group and are licensed by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011. The National Long-term Rating at ‘BBB+(lka)/RWN’; as affirmed by Fitch Ratings further affirms our stability as a well-governed financial corporate.

Relax, sit back, and enjoy the high returns on your investments with HNB Finance Fixed Deposits.

Key Benefits

More Features

  • Remit the interest to your savings account, at no extra charge.
  • Doorstep service for all your financial needs.

Interest Rates

Interest Rate
TenureMonthly (p.a.)A.E.RMaturity (p.a.)A.E.R
3 Months12.00%12.68%13.00%13.65%
4 Months9.00%9.38%10.00%10.34%
6 Months12.00%12.68%13.00%13.42%
7 Months9.00%9.38%10.00%10.21%
9 Months9.00%9.38%10.00%10.12%
12 Months11.50%12.13%12.50%12.50%
24 Months12.00%12.68%13.00%12.25%


Interest Rates – Senior Citizens

Interest Rate
TenureMonthly (p.a.)A.E.RMaturity (p.a.)A.E.R
12 Months12.00%12.68%13.00%13.00%
24 Months12.50%13.24%13.50%12.69%



Anyone over the age of 18 years is eligible to apply for a Fixed Deposit. Sri Lankan citizens, residents, dual citizen holders, individuals residing in the country are eligible for this.

Terms and Conditions

In the event of a Prematurity, upliftment rate will be decided by the management. Monthly interest credited to the account is subject to prevailing with Holding Tax Regulation.

  • Minimum Deposit of LKR 25,000/-

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Fixed Deposit

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Fixed Deposit

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