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    HNB About us

    About Us

    HNB FINANCE PLC. established in 2000 is a registered Finance Company by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. HNB FINANCE, a pioneer in commercial based microfinance, is committed to being the leader in providing innovative, technology-driven financial solutions.


    Find out more about our vision and mission statements and what makes us one of the leading financial providers in the country.

    Board of Directors

    With their skill, experience, and knowledge, our Board of Directors have contributed to the continuous success of HNB FINANCE.

    Corporate Management

    Gathering years of experience, our Senior Managers fuel the company’s growth and ensures the day-to-day operations run smoothly.

    Financial Reports

    Our year in review – from financial statements to Chairman’s messages, here’s what HNB FINANCE has been up to.

    Our Customer Protection Framework

    Safeguarding the interest of our customers and maintaining a healthy relationship are our priorities, read more about our Customer Protection Framework as governed under the Centra...