Gold Loans

A Gold Loan for your immediate cash needs

HNB FINANCE Gold Loan service offers customers the best possible interest rates with attractive benefits and the most efficient service. Customers have the option of choosing a repayment method of 10 days, three months, six months or even a year.

Moreover, attractive gifts and surprises await all Gold Loan customers as we have established a unique gift scheme solely for individuals using the facility.

Equipped with state of the art machinery, our highly experienced staff is fully geared to offer the highest quality service. Special protocols have also been put in place to ensure that all gold transactions and inspections are conducted with care and given the utmost security to ensure the metal does not incur the minutest damage. Also, HNB FINANCE pledges to do the absolute best by the customers before unclaimed gold is auctioned to a third party.

Key features

  • Easy re-payment scheme with lowest interest rates (1, 3, 6 and 12 months)
  • Payment can be made by you or a nominated person, without prior notice
  • A free insurance cover for your gold item
  • Ability to redeem only one article, when you have obtained a gold loan for more than one article
  • Hassle free, quick processing of the gold loan
  • Unlimited renewal options
  • Attractive rates of advances


Every Sri Lankan citizen over the age of 16 years is eligible for a Gold Loan.


  • Gold Jewellery, Gold Coin or Gold Biscuit
  • ID Card


Please contact the nearest branch for current rates and conditions.

For more information, please contact the Manager of your nearest HNB FINANCE branch or contact our call centre: 0112024848

Available Branches List

The service is available in only 50 branches. Please download the file to view all branches.

Gold Loan

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Gold Loan

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