Gold Plan

Buy any gold jewelry you desire, at the present-day value

With the continuous increase of gold prices in the Sri Lankan market local citizens are finding it difficult to make an outright purchase of gold. Therefore the “Gold Plan”, provides people with the opportunity to buy gold jewelry of their choice by paying in instalments. This gold loan scheme allows them to increase their gold reserves and to purchase jewelry for their children’s festive and wedding needs. This is also a great investment opportunity for the customers, as well as to get their immediate financial needs fulfilled in future once the loan has been paid off.

Gold Plan‘ Gold Loan Scheme

A gold loan for your future gold needs

This gold loan scheme can be used to meet our customers’ future needs such as weddings, other special occasions and for gold savings.

You can reliably ensure proper gold standard and weight for the gold items you wish to purchase through this gold loan scheme.

Key features

  • A gold loan can be obtained under 4 convenient repayment schemes of your choice –
    6, 12, 18 or 24 months – at the lowest interest rates.
  • An early payment facility is available for customers who have availed of this gold loan scheme.
  • Get a 100% interest relief on gold loans that are paid off before the end of the agreed period.
  • Free assessment of caratage of gold Jewellery.
  • You can choose gold jewellery from any reputed jewellery store in your area.
  • Get a solution for increasing gold prices by choosing gold jewellery in advance for future needs.
  • Greater benefits can be obtained from this by using it as a saving method.
  • A great solution for future emergency financial needs.


Sri Lankan citizens above 18 years of age are eligible for this gold loan scheme.


  • Gold jewellery, gold coins or gold biscuits
  • Identity card
  • Receipt of payment of 30% advance and other charges to the jewellery store.



  • Please contact the nearest branch for current rates and conditions.
  • For more information, please contact the Manager of your nearest HNB FINANCE branch or contact our call centre: 0112024848


Available Branches List

The service is available in only 50 branches. Please download the file to view all branches.