HNB FINANCE …The financial partner who has been a strength to our business for many years …

Pilimatalawa in Kandy has earned a fine reputation as an area that has a great specialization in the production of brassware. Especially, those who are engaged in brassware making as their occupation are not a rare sight in this area even today.
Kanthi Jayamangala is the loving wife of a brassware maker who has been traditionally engaged in this industry. She always provides him with full backing, and she is the strength in his occupation. This is what she told us about how she extended her contribution to her husband’s occupation:

My husband is from a generation that has been traditionally involved in the brassware industry. Ever since I came to live with him after my marriage, I have extended my contribution to this occupation as best as I can. Initial capital is crucial for those who are involved in the brass industry, particularly in the production of brassware because of the high price of raw materials. There are occasions where we are in short of money to buy the raw materials and we have to find money from some source. HNB Finance has been very special for me as the place I always choose to go to with confidence for my financial needs.

When I needed money for my husband’s business, I went to many places where I thought could get a loan from, but I did not get the relief I had expected. It was then that I was told about HNB Finance by a friend of mine, and I still remember the day when I first visited HNB Finance. When I told them about my need, they enquired me about my business and quickly arranged for me to get the loan I needed. I first obtained a loan of Rs. 60,000.00 from HNB Finance. Thereafter, for many years, whenever I had some financial need, my husband and I would always go with confidence to HNB Finance. They not only fulfill our financial needs, but provide us with the business knowledge we need and raise awareness on financial discipline through the officials in their Training Division as well. Because of HNB Finance I got the opportunity to participate in the Entrepreneurship Development Workshop that was held in Colombo in 2019 targeting Sri Lanka’s leading medium-scale business women in 2019. At present, we have been able to provide employment opportunities to a number of persons through our business. Our products are distributed not only in Kandy, but also in the surrounding cities and in Colombo as well. Even today, we remember with many grateful memories the valuable assistance we received from HNB Finance.

Kanthi Jayamangala
Traditional brassware manufacturers,