HNB FINANCE is a place of our own that is concerned about us

It is more accurate to say that making of Mul dresses (traditional Kandyan dresses) is an industry that is unique to the upcountry in Sri Lanka. Although Mul dresses are made in certain parts of the low country, too, at present, its origin lies in the hands of those in the up country who have traditionally been engaged in that industry. Mrs. P.V.S Iranganie of Hindagala in ​​Kandy represents the present generation of such traditional Mul dress manufacturers.

“Our people have been doing this job from the time of our grandparents. After my father, my brother and I have been engaged in this industry as our occupation. It usually takes about a week to make a full Nilame dress. We sell Mul dresses, and rent them, too. A complete Nilame dress can be sold for about Rs. 75,000. There are several shops to which I supply these dresses to.

I became a customer of HNB FINANCE a few years ago. I first took a loan of Rs. 50,000, and then I took another loan of Rs. 150,000.

Ever since I went to HNB FINANCE to get my first loan, I have been greatly impressed with the way the company and its staff have treated me, and whenever I think of a business loan, no financial institute other than HNB FINANCE comes to mind.

I should make special mention of this: when I was about to lose some of my pawned gold jewelry, I told it to the officials of the Gold Loans Division of HNB FINANCE. They paid the money, and redeemed my gold jewelry. I think of HNB FINANCE not as a business entity, but as a place of our own.

P.V.S. Iranganie