It was HNB Finance that helped me to improve my hotel as well as to build my house.

As we pass Molagoda in Kegalle along the Colombo Kandy Road, we see on the left a hotel with an adjoining grocery store. The customers who had thronged there keeping the hotel staff busy without giving them a moment’s rest are the silent informers of the quality and taste of the food served at this hotel. We waited in front of the grocery store adjoining the hotel with the hope that the number of customers would dwindle so that we get an opportunity to speak to Mr. Jayasinghe when he gets at some relief at the cashier counter; but, as it is seemed to be a dream that would not come true, we had no alternative other than speaking to him while he was attending to his customers.

“… I started a very small tea shop here about ten years ago, but after running that shop for a few years, I thought that it would be nice to make it a little bigger and more orderly. It was while I was thinking of this idea that I came to know about HNB Finance through a friend of mine. My friend was of the opinion that there is no better place than HNB Finance for a businessman to get a loan so quickly and easily. After learning more about HNB Finance, I visited it about six years ago, and met the officers there. During the very first discussion I had with them, I realized that it is the place that best suits my need. That is how I got the loan from HNB Finance to develop my business.
That business transaction that thus started has now grown to the level that HNB Finance has become my only financial partner. This shop and the hotel are the result of the relationship that evolved ever since. Thereafter, I got loans from HNB Finance several times for my business needs. I should make particular mention that my house at that time was very small, and I wanted to demolish that house and build a new two-storey house. For that, too, I sought the assistance of HNB Finance.
For businessmen like us, dealing with HNB Finance is very easy because, even when repaying the loans we have taken, we do not need to go there and waste our time; their officers come to us and collect the loan installments on time. It saves our time enabling us to attend to our business. Therefore, I have no hesitation in introducing HNB Finance to my friends in getting their financial needs fulfilled”. Mr. Jayasinghe said so taking us to his two-storey house that has been newly built in the adjoining land behind the hotel.

– Lakshman Jayasinghe
“Lucky Cafe” Hotel and Retail Store,