“Diriya” Loan Scheme set the foundation for my business

My husband first worked at Telecom. It was while he was working there that we first got the idea of starting this business because there were only a few businesses that supplied event equipment in Ja-Ela area where my husband worked. Therefore we reached the decision to start such a business. I borrowed a sum of Rs. 25,000 under “Diriya” Loan Scheme, which was the micro finance scheme of HNB FINANCE, in order to start our business. With that money, we bought the plastic chairs and tables we needed for our business. Then we paid back the loan, obtained bigger loans, and gradually developed our business. At present we have ample items of all types equipment needed for various events. The support we received from HNB FINANCE for our business is immeasurable.

J.A.N. Dedunu Kumari,