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Jan 2023 How can Fixed Deposits assist your Financial Development?
Jan 2023

Known to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to save money, a fixed deposit is a safe investment choice which offers good returns, and is easy to open. With a fixed deposit, you can now ensure that all your finances give you a head-start in your savings plan.

May 2022 6 Things to Consider Before Opening a Savings Account
May 2022

A savings account is the easiest and the most versatile way to deposit your money in a financial institution. Each individual may have different purposes for having a savings account; building an egg nest for your future is one, maintaining a savings account for the convenience of online transactions is another.

April 2022 All You Need to Know About Fixed Deposits
April 2022

Fixed deposits or FDs are one of the safest and easiest investment options available. The investor opens an FD account and deposits money. In return, the commercial institution is bound to pay a fixed amount of interest at the end of the agreement period. You can open a fixed deposit account either at a bank or at a Non-Banking Financial Institution like HNB Finance.

March 2022 Best way to finance a vehicle
March 2022

Choosing to buy a vehicle is no simple decision. It’s one of the most significant investments you can make, so you must factor in the best purchasing options available for yourself. From buying it outright to using financing services such as vehicle leasing or applying for a loan, there are multiple avenues you may choose to help you with your purchase decision.

February 2022 Top 6 Ways to Borrow Money
February 2022

Whether you’re a stay at home parent with a few immediate expenses to meet or a salaried employee that requires a little extra help with their finances, there are multiple options for borrowing money should the need arise. Financing options range from services offered by traditional financial institutions, like banks and financing companies, to loans against credit cards, to name a few.

January 2022 Top 6 Financial New Year's Resolutions for 2022
January 2022

With the new year around the corner, it's time to set some new goals. While it's common to have career, health, fitness and habit related goals, very few incorporate financial planning into their new year resolutions.

December 2021 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take an Education Loan
December 2021

Education is one of the best investments you can make for your future. However, the cost of obtaining a university degree is quite a significant financial burden. While the most convenient way to finance your degree would be with a grant or scholarship, not everyone is able to get one. In these instances, an education loan can help you immensely.

November 2021 6 Important Things to Consider Before Taking a Home Loan
November 2021

uying a home or a property is one of the most significant investment decisions you make in your life. Due to this reason, most people choose to take on a home loan that can ease the financial burden that comes with a serious purchase, the likes of buying a house.

October 2021 6 things to consider before taking a personal loan
October 2021

Are you dreaming of taking your family on a nice vacation? Or perhaps you're planning a big wedding and need a little extra cash to get things going. Whatever the reason, if you need a little help with managing your finances for a short-term, a personal loan is an ideal solution to meet your financial needs.

September 2021 8 Reasons to Get a Business Loan
September 2021

Whether you're an entrepreneur about to launch your own small business start-up or a seasoned businessman looking to expand your enterprise, getting a business loan or a bank loan is the most convenient means to finance your business. Although there may be a number of motives behind signing up for a business loan, you should obtain the loan for the right reasons.

August 2021 Everything you need to know about Supply Chain Financing
August 2021

Supply chain finance is essentially the process of financing the production and distribution of goods and services with the help of a third party. Also known as reverse factoring; it enables companies to pay their suppliers early through a cash advance. It can help companies scale and compete internationally as it allows to lower transaction costs for industry participants.

July 2021 The Ultimate Guide for Retirement Planning
July 2021

Retirement is often considered to be the golden years of life as it’s the time for you to stop working and finally enjoy the hard-earned fruits of your labour. However, in order for you to have an enjoyable retirement in the future, you must come up with a retirement plan.

June 2021 5 Reasons Why a Savings Account Is Important
June 2021

Whether you are a student saving your pocket money or a stay-at-home parent saving up for a rainy day, the act of saving money is one of the best lifelong habits you can instill in yourself. For a hard-working employee that dreams of buying that new car or new house, saving a portion of your monthly earnings is the best way to get that dream fulfilled.

May 2021 What is a gold loan, and how does it work?
May 2021

In Sri Lanka and across the world, gold is revered not only for its monetary value but also for its sentimentality. Many people inherit gold jewellery and buy or are gifted gold coins as future investments. But did you know that this precious metal is an excellent asset that you can use to generate cash flow during a financial emergency? Read more about gold loans and everything you need to know about them.

April 2021 How to Help Your Kids Prepare for Financial Independence
April 2021

Financial independence for your kids can be the best thing you could teach your kids. There are many ways of helping your kids reach this level. From starting a simple child savings account to encouraging them to get a part-time job, the methods are endless. Here are some of the more popular ways of helping your kids prepare for financial independence.

March 2021 4 Ways of Obtaining Finances for a Business Start-up
March 2021

A business start-up is always an ambitious project by anyone. It takes a lot of effort in terms of time and money. In many cases, individuals are willing to put in the time, however, do not have sufficient financial backing. There is hope though.

February 2021 How a Microloan Can Help Your New Small Business
February 2021

A loan is a useful financial instrument that enables us to get out of rough financial situations. However, a traditional personal loan has quite a few protocols, and may take several years to pay it. Microloans, on the other hand, are similar instruments, but have a shorter repayment period and do not have many strict protocols.

January 2021 5 Financial Goals for the New Year
January 2021

New year, new ambitions, and new goals to achieve. Yes, the previous year may have been marred with a global pandemic, which made achieving your goals quite difficult. However, take that as a lesson in planning for better financial contingencies for the new year. To make things easier, here are five financial goals you should strive to achieve for the new year.

December 2020 What is a Personal Loan? A Complete Guide
December 2020

Personal loans are useful facilities that are ideal to finance several things. Whether it is for an emergency medical bill, expensive purchase, or education, the types of loans personal loans today are wide and varied. However, not understanding how these loans work would mean you might lose more than you gain. To help you out, here is a complete guide on how personal loans work, and how you can use it for your advantage.

November 2020 The Importance of Housing Loans
November 2020

In a fast-paced economy, housing loans have become an important and useful financial instrument to purchase a home. The Nivahana – Housing Loan by HNB Finance makes this type of loan all the more enticing, as it provides flexible options to build or purchase your dream home when compared to other financial institutions in Sri Lanka.

October 2020 Fixed Deposits: How they Work and their Benefits
October 2020

There are a variety of ways to increase your savings today, most of which, guarantees a higher return. Fixed deposits (referred to as FDs) is one such popular type of investment. The fixed deposit facility of HNB FINANCE allows you to earn comparatively higher, which is just one of several benefits you can experience, when compared to other financial institutions in Sri Lanka. Before understanding the other major benefits, let us first understand how an FD works.

September 2020 Planning Ahead for a Recession with a Savings Account
September 2020

By choosing to open a General Savings Account with HNB FINANCE, you are equipped with the right tools to emerge from a potential recession. Here are just some of the ways you could plan ahead with a savings accounts when expecting a recession with the assistance of one of the best finance companies in Sri Lanka.

August 2020 Choose the Best Kids’ Savings Account for your Child
August 2020

As a responsible parent your duty is to arrange a stable financial background to your child for his/her future. However, it could be difficult due to the expenses you have to meet in your day to day life. Having some kind of assistance in guaranteeing your child’s future is something that would always be welcomed, and HNB FINANCE offers you the perfect solution that will help in securing a steady financial support for your child, the ‘Yalu – Children’s Savings’ scheme.

July 2020 Enjoy the New Year with Relax-Personal Loans
July 2020

With the new year upon us, it is natural that you would want to make the best of it by experiencing it in the best possible way, however, it may be quite difficult to execute due to financial difficulties. Don’t worry, HNB FINANCE is here to assist in all your financial needs, so that you, your friends, and family can make the best out of the upcoming year. Our various loaning facilities give you great flexibility in finding the right service for you.

June 2020 Reach New Heights With The Right Loan
June 2020

In a world where transactions are no longer hindered by borders and protocols and is further revolutionised by the advancement of ICT, human needs have increased by a great deal which can be quite difficult to fulfil, given many external factors that one has to face in the world. We at HNB FINANCE, however, attempt to alleviate those difficulties by providing services that would enable one to obtain these needs without incurring a major burden

May 2020 Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams a Reality
May 2020

In a world of working for others, there are those who take that brave step of working for themselves, of starting their own business. We at HNB FINANCE understand and support your dreams as you pursue your passion!

April 2020 HNB FINANCE Introduces Education Loans
April 2020

Higher education is an important stepping stone and it’s an investment for a better future. It’s the primary qualification that anyone looks for, but it takes a lot more than knowledge, passion, time and dedication.

March 2020 5 Steps to Buying Your Dream Home
March 2020

Thinking of owning your own dream home? We all want one day to, whether it is buying land or to build one from scratch, or purchasing an already built home and making it your own, maybe you already have a home, but it needs to expand because your family is growing.

February 2020 Vehicle Leasing for Beginners
February 2020

Driving your own vehicle is a milestone that most people wish to cross off the list at a certain age. Leasing a vehicle could just be the safest possible way of going about it, for those who might not plan on keeping the same vehicle for more than a few years, or for those who need an option that’s lighter on the pocket. This beginner’s guide to vehicle leasing will give you the basic knowledge on everything you need to know before you take the decision to lease your first vehicle.