HNB FINANCE initiated the growth of our business

The ever-bustling Kohuwala Junction in Nugegoda is getting busier these days due to the flyover being built across the Kohuwala Junction. The front of the shops on either side of the road has been razed to the ground, but the nameplate of Richmo Tailors can be easily spotted from a distance. Richmo Tailors is one of the most popular tailor companies in Kohuwala.
Due to this, getting Suranga Kasthuriarachchi, the owner of Richmo Tailors, into a conversation was not as easy as we thought, as he had was interrupted from time to time to look into the needs of the customers.

Suranga Kasthuriarachchi:
I first worked for a few years in a tailor shop I used to know, where I felt the need to start my own tailor shop. Beginning my journey, I rented a small place and started my own tailor shop. In a short time, more and more people came to me to buy clothes, exceeding my expectations. To meet that demand, I needed to buy another machine, but there was no money to buy a new machine as the money in hand was reinvested in the business. There was no place to take a loan. No matter how much I wanted to add new things to the business, like everyone else, I was faced with the problem of money. We didn’t even have enough assets to get a loan from a bank- and that is when HNB FINANCE came to our aid.
My wife is Nilanthi Kalugamage. She joined HNB FINANCE’s ‘Diriya’ microfinance scheme. As a result, we were able to buy a sewing machine at that time.
Nilanthi, who was on her way to school for her daughter’s school activities, entered the tailor shop at this moment, allowing us to hear the rest of this encouraging story from her.

Nilanthi Kalugamage:
I joined HNB FINANCE because I wanted to help my husband’s business. The kind staff of HNB FINANCE who inquired into my need arranged expeditiously to give us the loan required to continue the operation of this tailor shop. Having obtained the first loan of Rs.15,000, today we have obtained loans of up to Rs.500,000 from HNB FINANCE. We tailor all of our customers’ clothing needs in this area, from school uniforms to wedding dresses, at our tailor shop. I am happy to say that today we have been able to provide employment to six more people. It is with great gratitude that I say that HNB FINANCE provided us with the initiative and the financial strength to successfully continue our business to this day.

Suranga Kasthuriarachchi/Nilanthi Kalugamage
Richmo Tailors