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She is making an enormous effort to adapt her inheritance of two generations to the new market pattern to make it suitable for the present-day market. Through her very efforts, she has succeeded in keeping her business at some stable position at present.
This is how Mrs. Achini Liyanage spoke to us about her efforts to develop her business to some stable position as a popular business in the handloom textile market.

“This business was first started by my grandfather. My sister, Ruvini, and I have worked hard to develop this handloom textile industry, which has been our family business, to this level. We buy the handloom textiles produced by rural women in Sri Lanka, and sell them through our showrooms. For this, we have set up our own showrooms in areas such as Kandy, Kurunegala, Colombo, Pelawatta and Ella under the name Sunimal’s Handloom. We buy the textiles from rural women and give them a good finishing so that they suit the present market and sell the finished products. In addition to selling them in Sri Lanka, we also export our products. It was while we were running our business successfully that we set out to build a new hotel named ‘Avora Hotel’ on Rajapihilla Mawatha in Kandy. When we had completed the construction work of the hotel, we were running short of money to buy the furniture and other equipment we needed for the hotel. It was while we were looking for a place to get a loan that we came to know about HNB Finance. On the very first day we stepped into HNB Finance, we got the feeling of trust that we would be able to promptly get a loan that suits our requirement. After giving the required information and filling in the application forms for the loan that day, we didn’t need to go there again and again wasting our time. We got the full amount we requested. It helped us greatly in completing the remaining work of the hotel. Even now, we do not have to go to HNB Finance to pay the loan installments. An officer comes to us and collects the loan installment.

For anybody who is thinking of getting a loan for a business, I recommend going to HNB Finance without a second thought. I’m saying with confidence through my experience that the officers of HNB Finance are always committed to fulfilling your loan requirement promptly with trust.

Achini Liyanage
Sunimal’s Handloom and Hotel
Kandy .