HNB FINANCE has been an immense strength to our lives

When we turn to a narrow lane at Keppetipola on the Welimada-Nuwara Eliya road, we find the Gawaranmana village. It is a common feature of the Welimada community to make a living by cultivating vegetables and flowers, which is the mainstay of their livelihood.  We stepped into Suji Plant Nursery run by the couple Vipula Kumara Gunaratne and Nilushi Samudrika to hear their story behind the Kapuru Plant Nursery which was developed by this courageous couple. This is Nilushi’s voice:

My husband started this nursery. It’s been ten years since the business started. At that time we first took Rs. 5,000 under the Diriya Loan Scheme. As we continued to transact with the Company with trust, we could easily get the loans we needed at the right time. We have taken loans up to Rs. 300,000 beginning from Rs. 100,000 loans.  That is to start a new rose plantation together with another friend in Boralanda.

HNB FINANCE has been our financial partner for over 10 years now. Therefore, we have been able do business according to some plan without any hassle. We obtained loans from HNB FINANCE for our business, and recently obtained a leasing facility to buy a three wheeler as well. As traders come to us to buy plants, we don’t have any problem in finding the market. As our income has been good, we hope to buy another plot of land and expand this cultivation very soon. It goes without saying that our friendship with HNB FINANCE has given a great boost to our lives.

Nilushi Samudika