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    Mehewara CSR Projects

    Our humanitarian outreach program

    Mehewara is a unique project from HNBF that derives its funding from the voluntary contributions of staff members, which is used to engage in socially responsible and charitable activities. This concept was developed by HNB Finance employees as a response to the needs of less fortunate groups and individuals during times of need. Through a range of successful projects, the Mehewara Fund continues to help hundreds of families tide over difficult times.

    HNB FINANCE provides relief to Nawalapitiya flood victims.

    Responding to the critical needs of the people affected by severe floods in the Nawalapitiya region, HNB FINANCE PLC’s Nawalapitiya Branch spearheaded an expedited campaign on...

    Donates rations to 100 blind families

    Leading integrated financial services provider HNB FINANCE PLC recently donated dry rations and essentials to 100 visually impaired families in Seeduwa, through its Mehewara initia...

    HNB FINANCE empowers rural education through Wadinagala College

    HNB FINANCE PLC, one of the leading finance companies in Sri Lanka, recently donated books and equipment including a computer and an in-school library to the students of Wadinagala...

    Yalu Daskam - Inspiring young minds to create

    An Initiative by HNB finance to inspire young minds to create whilst educating both the young and the old about the importance of savings and how to do so effectively.

    HNB Finance aids impoverished family in Matale

    HNB Finance aids a financially downtrodden family in Matale through its innovative initiative the Mehewara Social Fund. The unique project maintained solely through the monthly con...

    HNB Finance creates an oasis in Mohoththuwarama Primary School

    HNB Finance established a water purification system and renovated the Mohoththuwarama Primary School in Kalpitiya as a part of its sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility initi...


    Being socially conscious is one of our core values at HNB Finance

    Being socially conscious is one of our core values at HNB Finance, that’s why we believe in contributing to the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka through the systematical advancement of financial inclusion. By addressing financial inclusion issues and promoting financial literacy in a consistent and focused manner we intend to significantly improve the socio-economic status of our customers. The majority of the products in our portfolio are focused to fund and enrich micro-businesses and SMEs while improving their savings habits. The 77-strong island-wide branch network and the 794 ATM network supported by HNB provide financial access to customers even in the furthermost regions of the country.



    Value Creation

    Macro DimensionIndicatorMeasurement2021/222020/21
    Economic wellbeingEconomic value createdRs. Million7,2787,167
    Economic value distributed to:
    Depositors and LendersRs. Million2,6533,522
    EmployeesRs. Million1,3491,123
    GovernmentRs. Million36540
    Operating CostsRs. Million2,4942,500
    Environment and landscapeWater consumptionm317,06716,496
    Reduction in paper consumption (Units)Kg2513,932
    Electricity consumptionkWh1,654,791,693,110
    Business sophisticationTotal outletsNumber7060
    Total branchesNumber7060
    Branches outside western provinceNumber5545
    Gold loan centresNumber5048
    Infrastructure and quality of servicesInvestment in intangible assetsRs. Million6880
    Customers for online transactionsNumber
    Cumulative investment in PPERs. Million32822687
    Employee wellbeingTotal workforceNumber1,8781,851
    Employees hiredNumber540165
    Training programs carried outNumber165105
    Investment on training and developmentRs. Million66
    Total training hoursHours28,96712,826
    Average hours of training per employeeHours27
    Staff remuneration and benefitsRs. Million1,3491,123
    ReputationBrand value (Brand Finance)Rs. Million1,2641,819
    Brand ranking (Brand Finance)Number5750
    Brand Strength (Brand Finance)RatingA-AA-
    Credit rating (Fitch Rating)RatingA (lka)A (lka)
    CustomersTotal customer baseNumber323,678316,768
    Customer financial solutionsNumber