Nivahana – Housing Loans

Your first step towards your dream home

A home of your own is a lifelong dream; a place where you are free, and your mind is at ease. HNB Finance is ready to make your housing dream a reality. The Nivahana Housing Loan facility provides customers, the ease of building or purchasing their own house or property and improvement and extension of an existing property.

Key features

  • Doorstep service in collecting documents from the customers
  • Quick processing of the loan with minimal documents



Customers with a satisfactory CRIB and with an adequate repayment capacity are eligible to apply for the loan, so long as they are under 60 years of age.


  • Employer’s Letter of Confirmation
  • If self-employed, details of the business
  • Registered Primary Mortgage over Residential Property
  • 2 acceptable guarantors


Rates and fees

Will be submitted upon request

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are subject to change. Therefore, we advise you to contact your nearest HNB Finance branch for the latest information and prevailing terms and conditions.

Nivahana - Housing Loans

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Nivahana - Housing Loans

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Nivahana - Housing Loans

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