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    HNB Finance diriya


    Loans That Make A Difference

    Diriya, our primary micro-finance service has benefitted a vast majority of our clients. Diriya business loans for women enables us to reach out to the economically disadvantaged female entrepreneurs whose access to traditional forms of financial services are limited due to lack of resources and social distinction.

    Key features

    More Features

    • Anyone within the ages of 18 – 69 years can join (Conditions apply)
    • Option to fulfil urgent cash requirements (Sahana facility)
    • No burden of others against death, permanent & part disability. (Conditions apply)
    • Simple and fast process, with value-added services at your doorstep (Training programs, Leadership programs etc.)
    • Ideal for self-employed and micro-enterprises


    Anyone between the age of 18 to 69 years can apply for the Diriya loan.


    • Duly completed signed application
    • Duly completed loan application
    • NIC copies from the applicant, spouse if not guardian (without NIC you can provide a copy of the passport or driving license)
    • Billing proof or GS confirmation certificate
    • Current A/C, Savings A/C statements, purchasing bills, sales bills or any other document to prove the cash flow

    Rates and Fees

    Will be provided on customer request.

    Terms and Conditions

    Our terms and conditions are subject to change. Therefore, we advise you to contact your nearest HNB Finance branch for the latest information and prevailing terms and conditions.


    Diriya Loan Application Form


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)