HNB FINANCE Introduces Education Loans


Higher education is an important stepping stone and it’s an investment for a better future. It’s the primary qualification that anyone looks for, but it takes a lot more than knowledge, passion, time and dedication. Reaching academic goals and future success doesn’t always come easy when there are financial difficulties present. Education loans are designed to help you pay for your higher education and associated fees such as institution charges, tuition, and books.

HNB FINANCE has undertaken the task of making the higher education dreams of Sri Lankan students come true, by introducing an Education Loan. By opening doors to your future without being weighed down by your financial needs.


How to Get an Education Loan:

Our Education Loan is equipped to facilitate students with the finance that they require to continue their higher education. The loans start from Rs. 50,000 and go up to Rs. 3,000,000, which would cover the basic financial requirements of most higher education programmes. When you apply for an education loan, you are required to present 2 guarantors or a mortgage for security purposes.


Who Can Apply for an Education Loan:

Anyone within the age range of 18-55, with an interest in pursuing higher education could apply for a student loan. If you are a student, you are given the benefit of applying for a loan jointly with your parents, which would ease minds of both parties.

If you are unmarried, your net income should be a minimum of Rs.30,000 while a married applicant needs to earn at least Rs.40,000 to be qualified for an education loan from HNB FINANCE.

Moreover, HNB FINANCE requires for the educational institute to be recognized and registered by relevant authorities such as UGC, Ministry of Education, or other government bodies like BOI.
Attractive Student Loan Interest Rates:  (suggestion to change as benefit package)

One of the best things about this loan plan is that contrary to most study loans in Sri Lanka, that HNB FINANCE Education Loan offers to pay up to 90% of the course fee. The repayment period of the loan could be extended upto 7 years, and you are required to make monthly payments. This flexible system relieves you from the added stress of having to pay back too much at once.  Compared to other student loan interest rates in Sri Lanka, we offer a compelling interest rates, making it accessible for the majority of those in need to purchase it.
The Necessary Documents:

  • Loan application
  • A copy of the NIC
  • Proof of residence (If unavailable provide GS or JP certificates)
  • Admission of acceptance letter from the education institute
  • Fee schedule

If employed;

  • Income proof and employment confirmation
  • Certified salary slips and bank statements for the last three months

If a business;

  • Business proof (BRC or equivalent)
  • Business records (tax receipts, audited accounts)
  • Bank statements from the last three months






Ready to apply?

If you’re ready, you can apply for an Education loan at any time.