5 Steps to Buying Your Dream Home


Thinking of owning your own dream home? We all want one day to, whether it is buying land or to build one from scratch, or purchasing an already built home and making it your own, maybe you already have a home, but it needs to expand because your family is growing.
Most people do not have the outright finance to purchase a house. This is where we come in to help realise your dreams. Our Nivahana Housing Loans simplifies the process of getting a loan. But getting the loan isn’t the first step. Here’s our 5 steps to facilitate your dream house:


Step 1: Understand Your Requirements
Know what you are looking for. The type of house, the area you would like to live in, the facilities you would need to be closer, these are all things to consider when you think of your dream home. When you know your requirement it’s easier to narrow down your search as well. And from there it is a matter of getting in touch with the sellers to see how the sale would proceed.


Step 2: Know your Credit Standing

A good credit rating is a must if you want to apply for any kind of loan. Therefore know your credit rating and ensure it is at the right level. The last thing you need to do is to find the house you want to buy, talk with the sellers and then find out your credit rating will not let you get a loan. So if it isn’t at the right level the first step before applying for a loan is to get it there. This is usually done by paying off some of your debts.


Step 3: Get in touch with us

HNB FINANCE PLC ensures your dreams turn into reality with an easy loan application process. Our staff is ready to answer any questions and concerns you have on the Nivahana Housing Loan. Understand what loan value you are eligible for (depending on your credit rating and income), as well as repayments and interest charges. On the legal side of things know what documents are required for the loan application, so you can be prepared and visit us.


Step 4: Pay the deposit

Depending on your credit standing you will be eligible for 50-80% of the cost of your new home as part of the Nivahana Housing loan. The remaining 20% must be borne by yourself. Therefore, ensure you save up to make the initial deposit. Panning is key to this step. No one likes to budget, but it really does help when you need to make big life decisions such as buying a home. So make the sacrifices for your dreams.


Step 5: Apply for the loan

You have paid the deposit, your credit rating is in order, you have all the necessary documents for the legal and technical aspects, all you now have to do is fill up the loan application form and hand it all in to make it even simpler, we offer doorstep collection of your documents so you don’t have to face any hassle.

Get in touch today and take a step in the direction of making your dream a reality with the Nivahana Housing Loans.