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    Enjoy the New Year with Relax-Personal Loans

    With the new year upon us, it is natural that you would want to make the best of it by experiencing it in the best possible way, however, it may be quite difficult to execute due to financial difficulties. Don’t worry, HNB FINANCE is here to assist in all your financial needs, so that you, your friends, and family can make the best out of the upcoming year. Our various loaning facilities give you great flexibility in finding the right service for you.

    Home upgrades

    With the spirit of the new year reverberating throughout the city, it is tradition to add in something more unique to your home to make it look livelier. Simple upgrades may be inexpensive, but a major addition to your home may cost you quite a bit. HNB FINANCE’s Relax-Personal Loans are the perfect financial solution to transform your home into the dwelling you have always wanted for the new year. With attractive interest rates and flexible payment schemes for salaried employees, your decoration for your home will be nothing short of how you pictured it.

    Presents for family, friends, and yourself

    Why not treat yourself with extravagant gifts by taking advantage of the many offers out there as well? Our Relax-Personal Loan allows you to obtain loans against two guarantors or mortgages, along with minimal documentation and processing time. What makes this loan all the more enticing is the flexible repayment schemes that allow you to settle the loan in 5 years. With so many offers out there, you will be able to take advantage of them with ease.

    Travel and leisure

    Welcome the new year in another country by exploring the world with your family, or friends. Take a trip to Europe and witness the long-standing traditions of the new year take place. From the cuisine, culture and lifestyle, your new year trip to Europe will be an unforgettable one. Witness snow for the first time. Opportunities to enjoy the holidays are endless with HNB FINANCE’s Relax-Personal Loan facility.

    Plan out your new year in a grand manner, as you use our Relax-Personal Loan service. With attractive interest rates, minimal documentation, and expedited processing, you are guaranteed the best experience with your loved ones.