Reach New Heights With The Right Loan

In a world where transactions are no longer hindered by borders and protocols and is further revolutionised by the advancement of ICT, human needs have increased by a great deal which can be quite difficult to fulfil, given many external factors that one has to face in the world. We at HNB FINANCE, however, attempt to alleviate those difficulties by providing services that would enable one to obtain these needs without incurring a major burden. Here are 5 loans we offer that satisfy your every need:

Gold Loans

One of the easier ways of obtaining finances for whatever reason, Gold Loans offer you quick and easy money with your gold as collateral. What makes the facility at HNB FINANCE all the more unique is the fact that enticing offers beckon, as we provide attractive interest rates, insurance on your precious gold jewellery and a flexible repayment schedule up to one year. Moreover, using this service gives you the chance to win attractive prizes.

With great offers come professionalism at its best. HNB FINANCE provides this facility with highly trained gold assessors that are well versed in the trade, along with being adept at using state-of-the-art machinery to make sure that your articles do not even get the smallest scratch.

Redeeming your articles is as easy as it gets. HNB FINANCE allows you to redeem article by article when you have obtained a Gold Loan for more than one article, making it all the more flexible to you without any prior notice. Customers also have the advantage of topping up their loan facility if there is any increase in the market price.

Housing Loans

Shelter being one of the primary needs of the human being and a goal that is instilled in us as children, building a house can be quite an arduous task in the contemporary period due to many other commitments, such as family and work. HNB FINANCE provides you a simple solution in the form of the specialised loan facility ‘Nivahana’, which allows you to build your dream home with as little delay as possible.

With minimal protocol to be followed and flexible repayment periods, the loan facility is released in stages of the construction of your dream home so as to make sure it is utilised efficiently. Moreover, all this can be processed in your own privacy, as HNB provides doorstep service and guides you throughout the entire process to make sure your home stands out among the rest.

Education Loans

Looking to further your education to reach the pinnacle of the corporate ladder? Or looking to further your expertise in the field of research and publishing? Well, more often than not, these educational pursuits are quite costly, which can be quite hard to bear to many an aspiring student still finding their way.

HNB FINANCE’s ‘Nenasara’ loan facility allows you to reach your education aspirations with a flexible repayment schedule, along with attractive interest rates. What makes this facility enticing to students looking for higher education opportunities is the fact that HNB FINANCE offers up to 90% loan on course fee, which can range from LKR 50,000 to LKR 3,000,000. With a Nenasara loan, your aspirations to become a professional in the field of your interest is in arm’s length.

Business Loans

Sri Lanka is quickly becoming an entrepreneurial hub for many individuals to kick off their unique business ideas into the national and international scales. Although the aspirations exist in the hearts and minds of the population of the island, many often find difficulty to make their plans come into fruition. HNB FINANCE has several flexible business loan facilities for the Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneur to help break barriers.

Depending on your requirements, HNB FINANCE has specialised facilities like the Easy Loan, which enables you to obtain a considerable working capital for your operations. The ‘Abhilasha’ loan facility enables the entrepreneur to obtain financial flexibility with bigger credit facilities. Should you be a savings account holder, the ‘Swashakthi’ loan facility allows you to obtain finances without having guarantors up to LKR 400,000. The ‘Saviya’ loan facility, on the other hand, enables you to obtain significant loans to upgrade and expand your business to the next level. With HNB FINANCE, your business is assured to take off.

Personal Loans

Should you be looking to travel abroad or maybe looking to purchase a vehicle, HNB FINANCE offers Personal Loan facilities that enable one to satisfy their requirements with flexible repayment schemes of up to 5 years, along with the ability to obtain a loan amount of up to LKR 12,000,000 against immovable property or an amount of up to LKR 3,000,000 against 2 personal guarantors HNB FINANCE offers this facility with as little hassle as possible to the customer, with doorstep servicing and quick processing of loans.

HNB FINANCE then, helps you in every step of the way to succeed in life and satisfy all your needs with the best possible offers, with as little burden on you.