Choose the Best Kids’ Savings Account for your Child

As a responsible parent your duty is to arrange a stable financial background to your child for his/her future. However, it could be difficult due to the expenses you have to meet in your day to day life. Having some kind of assistance in guaranteeing your child’s future is something that would always be welcomed, and HNB FINANCE offers you the perfect solution that will help in securing a steady financial support for your child, the ‘Yalu – Children’s Savings’ scheme.

Attractive interest rates

This account will generate an income by means of attractive interest rates. You can now save up for your child who has just started school and inculcate him/her to make it a habit to save money for their future as well. The accumulation of such funds will support your child’s financial needs come the age of 18, thus making the financial burden on the parent all the more lesser.

Incentives for higher education

In a very competitive world where good education is very important in securing a good life, the ‘Yalu – Children’s Savings’ account allows your child to decide what field he/she wants to pursue and become adept in. Moreover, the account also acts as a failsafe when unforeseen challenges come their way during their growth and decisions on higher education. Opening the account with us during your child’s primary education will amass enough funds for higher education pursuits, while also giving the opportunity to utilise other financial services of HNB FINANCE for their higher education. In other words, the flexibility of the account is an incentive for parents to support the tertiary education of the child.

Easy processing

An advantage for you and your child, when opening a children’s savings account with us, is the easy processing of documents and simple protocols that follow. All you have to do is provide the application with the necessary documents, such as the filled forms along with the documents of proof, like the birth certificate of your child and your NIC. Once reviewed, a passbook will be issued to the parent and would be updated every time a deposit is made, until your child becomes 18 years to utilise these funds independently.

Safety net for children

One of the many advantages of having a children’s savings account with us, is that security is guaranteed. In other words, your child’s savings grows quickly without any risk of loss. The constant growth of funds makes for a safety net that allows your child to utilise them in times of need. Moreover, it also acts as a spender of last resort when your child is old enough to utilise the funds.

With all the benefits mentioned above, opening the ‘Yalu – Children’s Savings’ account lets your child experience a wholesome and secured life in the long run. Couple that with the many other future benefits offered by us, and this service acts as the perfect opportunity for your child to lead the ideal life.