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K. D. Samantha Kumari is the proprietor of a Plant Nursery named ‘Nipuni’ at Maggona, and is a member of the Kalutara Branch. Coming from an extremely poor background with an education of up to year nine, she married young. Getting the idea of starting a nursery from her horticulturist husband, she began looking for financial assistance and she came across HNB Finance through a friend.

Mrs.Samantha stated that “To begin with, I received a loan amount of Rs.5, 000 which I used to purchase bougainvillea plants and started work on the nursery of exotic plants on a very small scale. Today my business is blooming”. Currently Samantha Kumari has expanded her business into supplying plants to offices, employing six more people, aided by a loan of Rs.100, 000 from HNB Finance , which she praises as the power behind her success.