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    HNB Quick credit

    Quick credit facility and management support to expand your business

    Nishanthi Kumari, the wife of a three-wheeler driver and proprietor of ‘Piyumi Concrete Works’ started small as a manufacturer of flower pots and beeralu and later expanded into other concrete products including handling of marketing. Having become aware of HNB Finance by watching a programme, she became the first member of the Makalana Centre. The turning point in her life was accessing help from HNB Finance.

    She is so touched by the role played by the company in the success of her enterprise, that she is full of praise for HNB Finance. Mrs. Nishanthi stated that “I have not only grown the business but also educated all my children and given employment to others, thanks to the financial assistance extended to me by HNB Finance. I hope others like me benefit from the organization too. I offer my blessings for the company to continue rendering its financial services with courage to thousands of other people who are as economically powerless as I was. Thus enabling them to see prosperity in their lives.