HNB FINANCE PLC successfully hosts innovative hybrid virtual AGM

Sep 29, 2020: Leading integrated financial services provider HNB FINANCE PLC, recently hosted their Annual General Meeting with a unique spin as a hybrid virtual event, on 29th September. Held for the 10th time, the AGM took place at the HNB FINANCE Auditorium and Conference room in addition to the event being streamed live for shareholders. This is HNBF’s first AGM after having recently converted to a Public Limited Company.

As an institution that possesses a firm track record of fearless innovation, the hybrid virtual AGM is testament to HNBF’s vision to provide innovative, technology-driven financial solutions to enhance customer experiences and foster deeper, more meaningful relationships with all stakeholders; in a global climate placing increasing emphasis on digital transformation. HNBF’s concerted efforts to leverage digital technology to elevate the speed, capacity and cost-effectiveness of their service delivery was clearly evident during the pandemic-induced, country-wide lockdown when customers were able to access the company’s product portfolio efficiently, from the safety of their homes.

With a limited number of shareholders in attendance at the event at the HNB FINANCE auditorium, imperative and stringent safety protocols were put in place, in compliance with all directives of health authorities to protect attendees against the transmission of COVID-19. Mandatory social distancing and intensive hygiene and sanitization measures were therefore actioned at the venue. Also joining the event remotely were a number of shareholders, who were able to view and participate in proceedings, including voting on matters highlighted in the agenda.

All attendees were able to view and participate in proceedings – either in person or virtually – including the ability to vote on decisions taken. Resolutions for the meeting and voting were conducted via the secure chat function of Microsoft Teams. The votes were then collated and projected on screen.

The Q&A session which followed accepted processes from participants physically present at the event, while questions from online participants were forwarded to the Chairman Jonathan Alles, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Chaminda Prabhath and Company Secretary Rajive Dissanayake; who were seated at the head table in the presence of all of HNBF’s board members.


HNB FINANCE PLC was established in the year 2000 and is licensed as a registered Finance Company by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Maintaining an extensive island-wide presence across 49 branches and 21 service Centers with the power of Hatton National Bank’s 715 ATMs, HNB FINANCE offers a range of exceptional financial services which include Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Loans as well as savings, gold loans, housing loans, personal loans, fixed deposits facilities and leasing products.