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Savings FAQ

Save Today. Benefit Tomorrow.

What benefits do I enjoy if I open a Savings account with HNB Finance?

• You obtain a competitive higher interest rate.
• You receive an even higher interest when the account balance grows.
• You can access your account from any of our island wide network of branches. You can also access your account from any HNB ATM.
• You enjoy free standing order facilities.
• You select your desired account to suit your requirement. Refer product details on main web page.
• You can choose to have a pass book.

How can I withdraw money from a savings account?

You can withdraw the money from any of the HNB FINANCE Branch counters during office working hours or from HNB ATM’s up to a maximum of Rs. 150,000/= per day. 24×7 ( HNB FINANCE, HNB network)

Do you charge on ATM Withdrawals?

Rs.12/-will be charged on withdrawals and Rs. 7/= will be charged on Balance Inquiries. Please be aware that the Company reserves the right to amend any terms or conditions after notice.(These chargers are subject to changes)

Are your Branches Electronically Linked?

Yes, our branch network is linked which means, if you deposit money from Colombo you could withdraw your money from any HNB FINANCE Branch or vice versa.

How can I make deposits to my savings account?

You can make deposits at any branch counter by cash or cheque. If deposited by cheque , the cheque should be drawn in favor of ” HNB Finance Company PLC O/A of Account holders name & account number.” If necessary fund transfers could also be arranged

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance in a savings account?

Yes. In a Normal/Senior Citizen savings account Rs. 250/= to be maintained and In a Yalu Savings account Rs.250/= and in a Miyulasi Savings account Rs.250/=

Is there a charge if I do not maintain the minimum balance?


How can I obtain an HNB FINANCE ATM Card?

If you are an existing savings account holder (except Yalu) you may forward an application form to any of our branches who will make arrangements to provide you the ATM card within maximum of 5 working days.

What is required to open a “HNB FINANCE Yalu” Children’s Savings Account?

HNB FINANCE Yalu Children’s Savings Account can be opened by a parent or a Legal guardian of a child below the age of 18 year, following are the pre requests

• Account could be open with a maximum deposit of LKR 250
• A certified copy of the child’s Birth Certificate .
• A certified copy of the Parent/ Legal Guardian’s ID Card/ valid PP/ DL.

What are the special attractions for “HNB FINANCE Yalu” children’s savings accounts?

There are two types of HNB FINANCE Yalu savings accounts:

• Yalu Savings account with gift package – This account includes an attractive interest rate and a gift at account opening and as the account balance grows


What happens when a minor attains the age of consent / majority?

The company will send a letter requesting to convert the status of the account. The parent/guardian should make arrangement to forward a new savings application in the name of the Minor turned Major with the signature and a copy of the national identity card

Can parent/guardian withdraw the money in a “HNB FINANCE Yalu” Children savings account?

No. However in the following special circumstances withdrawals are allowed.

• If there is a necessity for the Childs benefit such as education and medical expenses a written request with proof of documents which satisfies the company will have to be submitted.
• The balance in a minor’s account may be transferred upon written instructions of the parent/guardian of the minor, to an account maintained in the name of the minor in an authorized deposit taking institution, upon completion of sixty months from the date of the first deposit or any time thereafter. The transfer should be effected by a cheque drawn in favour of the minor and crossed “account payee only”


Note: The company reserves the right to change any terms and conditions mentioned herein from time to time without prior notice.

Whom should I contact for further information?

HNB Finance Call Centre: 0112024848