HNB FINANCE aids impoverished family in Matale

Sri Lanka’s leading financial services provider HNB FINANCE recently aided a financially downtrodden family in Matale through its innovative initiative the Mehewara Social Fund.

The unique project maintained solely through the monthly contributions of the HNB FINANCE employees was developed by the financial services provider to support less fortunate members of its customer base across the island.

HNB FINANCE constructed a fully furnished two-room house for H. G Kusumawathi, a loyal HNB FINANCE customer of 14 years and the sole breadwinner of a four-member family. A resident of the remote village Udavehigala in Vehigala, Kusumawathi lost her small home sesame business when she fell critically ill. Unable to provide for her family nor meet her financial commitments, Kusumawathi
was living in her home on the verge of collapse when concerned HNB FINANCE officers from the
Matale Branch visited her.

“I live with my son and my two elder brothers who are unable to work. I could not afford to send my child to school last year because we didn’t have enough to purchase his uniforms or books. The visit from HNB FINANCE officers was a godsend for someone in my situation, not only did they construct and furnish my house, but they also provided my son with uniforms and books he needed for
school,” Kusmawathi said.

Funded by the HNB FINANCE Mehewara Sathkara Fund and the generous donations of the Matale Branch staff, construction of the house began in July 2018. Speaking at the ceremony held to present the house to Kusumawathi, HNB FINANCE MD/CEO Chaminda Prabhath said; “As a leading financial services provider across of variety of sectors we are committed to up protecting the wellbeing of our growing customer base. The Mehewara initiative was created to play the important role of allowing the HNB FINANCE family to directly connect to those in need of their assistance across the country.”

The Mehewara Fund also disburses funds to families after a sudden death and individuals with permanent disabilities. Additionally, Mehewara also offers funds for emergency surgeries and medication.

HNB FINANCE Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer Chaminda Prabath and Chief Operating Officer Priyalal Arangala welcomed Kusumawathi to her new home with a small ceremony.